Basic Suit – Minimalist Suit Yet Full Of Elegance

Not only the bride, but the groom also has many worries

The wedding day is a significant occasion in each person’s life, a time when two individuals exchange love and commitment, ready to embark on a new journey called ‘family’. Yet, along with that significance comes some invisible pressures, such as budget, expenses, and menu choices… In addition, the wedding attire plays a crucial role on this important day, not just as an outfit but also contributing to the overall perfection of the special day.

While brides always have many options, grooms often struggle to find the perfect outfit for their wedding day. Colors, styles, sizes, accessories… all are factors that make grooms worry endlessly, fearing that they might not be at their best for the important day. As an establishment with years of experience in designing wedding attire in Da Nang, Ether Bridal introduces to grooms the Basic Suit, simple yet irresistibly attractive and elegant. Witnessing the groom don this minimalist Suit, the bride will feel protected for the rest of her life.

Suit dòng Basic là dòng Suit Đơn Giản phù hợp với chú rể.
Pre Wedding: ANH KHOA & HONG LAM

A Contemporary Artistic Masterpiece

The Basic Suit by Ether Bridal is a perfect fusion of the minimalist style of Minimalism and sophisticated beauty. Despite its simple design, it bestows upon the groom a modern, refined, and elegant appearance. When adorned with this suit and holding the bride’s hand, the groom becomes magnificent, confidently stepping into the aisle.

He can choose suits with understated tailoring that still bring innovation and allure, such as a two-button suit with a peak lapel or a classic three-button suit with clean lines. By employing fundamental colors and unpretentious patterns, this uncomplicated suit line still accentuates the gentleman’s sophisticated charm, suitable not only for the wedding day but also for various occasions.

The Harmonious Blend of Simplicity and Elegance

The creation of the Basic Suit by Ether Bridal has achieved a remarkable balance between simplicity and elegance. The design of this minimalist suit line is not overly intricate, yet it retains an air of refinement and grace. The Basic Suit is typically crafted from premium fabric, providing the groom not only with a standout appearance featuring intricate and secure detailing but also ensuring comfort during extended hours of wear throughout the ceremony.

Neutral colors and classic designs of the Basic Suit also allow the groom to easily accessorize and complement various other outfits, tailored to different event concepts and styles.

Accentuating the Groom’s Unique Style

Recognizing that each groom is an individual with distinct body shapes and personalities, Ether Bridal introduces the personalized and sophisticated Basic suit.

The professional design team at Ether Bridal consistently researches and explores to produce exclusive suits with unique details such as collars, buttons, patterns, and distinctive accessories. Each suit is a distinct masterpiece, reflecting a style that resonates with the groom’s personality.


Ether Bridal is not just a leading bridal attire brand, but also a reliable companion for grooms on their journey to prepare for the most significant day of their lives. With utmost dedication to customer service, Ether Bridal places great emphasis on selecting fabric materials and crafting every detail of their products. Alongside an experienced team of skilled artisans, each suit design within Ether Bridal’s groom attire collection is meticulously crafted, ensuring that the groom exudes not only confidence but also refined style on this special day.

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