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is considered one of the best wedding studios

“Be on top for Minimalism style in Da Nang. With minimalist and sophisticated designs that are not overly excessive, but guaranteed to make the Bride and Groom become extremely elegant, and luxuriously charming. Dresses at ETHER are all made from high-quality, premium and varied materials with careful planning, attention to detail, and care for every seam to bring appropriate products for every body shape and personality, from elegant, luxurious to aristocratic. Most importantly, every bride who comes to ETHER BRIDAL for trying on wedding dresses for the first time will be assisted in selecting the ideal wedding dress.”

Besides for renting and making Wedding Dresses,

ETHER BRIDAL is a business with many years of expertise in full wedding services for the bride and groom, from Makeup, to Photography and Wedding Photojournalism. All products Ether delivers to customers are loved and cherished, carefully packaged, and prioritize quality. Over its many years of development, ETHER BRIDAL has maintained its reputation as a stylish wedding studio. The dynamic approach taken by Customer Service is incredibly devoted, enjoyable, and considerate. From the makeup artists to the photographers, they are all experienced and well-known in Da Nang. Also, Team Ether constantly develops unique photography concepts to help the bride and groom capture timeless moments.

Sứ mệnh Ether


The wedding attire is personalized to reflect the individual personalities of each main character, achieving a sense of happiness in the significant event, emphasizing both customer service experience and international trends.


ETHER BRIDAL was born with the mission of accompanying and listening to the soon-to-be-married couples, assisting them in finding the perfect version of themselves, the most confident and happy in the most important event of their lives.

“Your bright smile is our happiness.”


Ether Bridal consistently updates wedding dress trends, photography, makeup, and inspires its customers

More than 200 available wedding dresses, including 100 suits, and 100 Ao Dai models, are displayed in the showroom to let customers try on and choose the appropriate outfit at any time. Also, Ether Bridal creates designs exclusively for customers who like the unique distinction, owning the “Dream Wedding Dress” they desire in life.

core value

Ether Bridal always follows an elegant, refined, and sophisticated style, meticulously attending to every small detail to ensure both individual components and the overall result reflect quality and sophistication. Ether Bridal places a strong emphasis on the customer’s journey, aiming to evoke happiness on their special day and create a convenient ecosystem that enhances the value customers receive.

In addition, Ether’s team is constantly accumulating and enriching knowledge every day, providing value with each product that customers acquire; “Product is connection,” not only the desired product, but also thoughtful, dedicated, and clear advice with professional services.

Consistently updating the trend of wedding dresses, photography, and makeup and inspiring customers, Ether Bridal increasingly asserts its position in the hearts of couples who love beauty and always want to have a well-deserved and luxurious image on the most important big day.


Products of Ether Bridal have appeared in 30 countries and regions. In Vietnam, it has served more than 1,000 customers per year and is one of the most prestigious brands in the wedding industry.

Each year, it also serves more than 400 customers living in the US, Australia, Germany, Europe and neighboring Asian countries such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia….

Ether Bridal – “Your bright smile is our happiness”

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