Minimalism Wedding – Dissolving All Conventions

Are you couples in search of a simple, elegant, and modern wedding style? Then the Minimalism Wedding style is the perfect choice for you. This article will help you better understand this wedding style and consider incorporating it into your significant day.

What is Minimalism Wedding?

A Minimalism Wedding is a simple and minimalist wedding style that focuses on essential elements and reduces everything to its core. From attire to decorations and the ceremony itself, everything is designed with the “less is more” mentality. This style not only brings elegance and sophistication to your wedding day but also helps save costs and minimizes the environmental impact of the wedding. It leaves a lasting impression on attendees while emphasizing the importance of key details.

The Origin of Minimalism Wedding

Minimalism Wedding is believed to have originated from Japan, where a simple and minimalist lifestyle is considered an integral part of the culture. However, this style has spread worldwide and become a trend in the wedding industry.

Minimalism Wedding đang dần trở thành xu hướng
Minimalism Wedding is gradually becoming a trend.

The elements of a Minimalism Wedding include:

1. Attire

In a Minimalism Wedding, the attire of the bride and groom is typically designed with simplicity in mind, avoiding excessive intricacies and lavishness. Light and delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon are common choices to create an airy and comfortable look. For the bride, long-sleeved wedding gowns or bridal capes are suitable options for the Minimalism Wedding style. The groom’s attire often consists of a simple suit or a white dress shirt paired with dress pants.

Bộ sưu tập Viva Magenta 2023
Viva Magenta 2023 Collection

2. Decorations

Decoration in a Minimalism Wedding is designed around the elegance of simplicity. Decorative elements are not overly intricate, aiming to create a comfortable, intimate, and sophisticated space. Flowers and foliage play essential roles in Minimalism Wedding decor. Flowers are chosen with minimalistic colors and arranged in simple bouquets to evoke an air of refinement. Foliage is used as a backdrop for tables or to embellish outdoor areas.

Trang trí trong Minimalism Wedding luôn chú trọng sự tối giản
Decoration in a Minimalism Wedding always emphasizes simplicity.

3. Wedding Ceremony

In a Minimalism Wedding, the wedding ceremony is often held in familiar, intimate, and comfortable spaces such as restaurants, beaches, or even in a garden. For outdoor weddings, decoration details are minimized to the fullest extent possible, aiming not only to create an intimate space but also to emphasize the prominence of the two main figures – the bride and groom. Wedding ceremonies are typically scheduled in the evening to generate a warm and romantic atmosphere. This setting, combined with the simple décor, not only establishes an intimate ambiance but also elevates the significance of the central couple.

1. Cost Savings

The Minimalism Wedding style helps you save costs for your wedding day by minimizing unnecessary details. You can use the money saved to allocate to other expenses or for post-wedding travel.

2. Reducing Environmental Impact

Minimalism Wedding helps minimize the environmental impact of weddings by using recycled or eco-friendly materials. You can opt for environmentally friendly products such as recycled wood furniture or bouquets made from natural flowers. This approach aligns with sustainability values, making the wedding not only elegant but also mindful of its ecological footprint.

3. Creating a Lasting Impression on Attendees

Parallel to the evolving aesthetic values of society, the Minimalism trend is gaining immense popularity. It not only stands out for its visual appeal but also serves as a continuation of simplicity, elegance, and freedom in a rapidly changing contemporary world.

Guests attending a Minimalism Wedding are immersed in an atmosphere that blends romance with sophistication and tranquility. Setting aside the outside world, they now witness the sacred moments of love between two individuals. This marks a new chapter in the journey of two strangers seeking happiness in life, all within a space of refined beauty and calmness.

Chiếc váy cưới trong BST Heaven 2022
The wedding dress in the Heaven 2022 collection
 Heaven 2022 Collection

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