Compilation Of Popular Bridal Makeup Styles In 2023

Ether Bridal understands that on the big day, brides always have a lot of things to prepare. Besides the concerns about the wedding hall, stage, and the wedding gown that the bride wears on this occasion, makeup is also an important factor that helps her attract all eyes.

With the rise of the trend of natural makeup and skin, the first half of 2023 has seen many creative and beautiful bridal makeup styles. In this article, let’s explore notable bridal makeup styles that you can choose for your big day with Ether Bridal.

1. Elegant Natural Makeup

This style focuses on highlighting the bride’s natural beauty by creating a smooth effect on the skin and accentuating facial features. By using a light layer of foundation, gentle mascara, and a touch of nude lipstick, the bride will exude a fresh, confident, and elegant beauty.

Trang điểm tự nhiên kiêu sa
Elegant Natural Makeup

2. Vibrant Tone Makeup

If you want to leave an unforgettable impression on your wedding day, try the vibrant tone makeup style. The combination of vibrant and unique colors has become a new trend in bridal makeup in the early months of 2023.

Experiment with bold eye tones like red, orange, or purple to create an attractive focal point for the eyes. Don’t forget to pair this with a light layer of foundation, bold lip color, and smooth skin to maintain balanced makeup.

Trang điểm tone màu nổi bật
Vibrant Tone Makeup

3. Alluring Smoky Eye Makeup

Nothing is stronger and more seductive than smoky eye makeup. Especially this year, smoky eye makeup has become a popular choice for brides who want to create a prominent and sophisticated beauty. Use a quality eyeliner pencil to highlight the eye contour and combine it with gentle smoky shades.

Pair it with a light layer of foundation, nude lipstick, and subtle blush to enhance the glamorous look.

Trang điểm mắt khói quyến rũ
Alluring Smoky Eye Makeup


4. Captivating Classic Makeup

Brides who love romance and elegance should not overlook the classic makeup style. As we enter the spring of 2023, classic makeup returns as a trend with soft lines, enticing red lips, and eyes adorned with thick mascara. This style brings a flawless beauty, honoring traditional beauty, and will never go out of fashion.

Trang điểm cổ điển cuốn hút
Trang điểm cổ điển cuốn hút


From now until the end of 2023, there promises to be a vibrant period of creativity and diversity in the field of bridal makeup. From natural makeup to bold tone makeup, each style brings a unique perspective and individual beauty. Choose a makeup style that suits your personality and natural complexion, allowing the bride to shine and be confident on her special day.

If the bride has any concerns about makeup or wedding preparations, feel free to contact Ether Bridal for advice that best suits her, helping her shine on the special day of her life.

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