Compilation Of The Top 4 Hottest Wedding Decoration Trends Of 2023

Wedding is not only the most significant day in everyone’s life. The space filled with fresh flowers and sparkling lights will be the place witnessing the sacred moment that marks the union of the couple as they hold hands and walk together on the path of eternal togetherness.

So, have you ever dreamed about how your future wedding will be? Romantic, sweet, or luxurious and glamorous?

Below, let’s explore the 5 hottest wedding decoration trends of 2023 with Ether Bridal and choose your favorite style!

1. Sparkling Style – Dazzling and Elegant

True to its name, the wedding decoration in the Sparkling style will bring a glamorous and opulent ambiance to the event.

This style is favored by many couples, with decorations and items often made from transparent materials like glass, combined with gentle lighting and background music that create incredibly impressive effects.

The bride and groom will resemble a prince and princess in a fairy tale, stepping into a magnificent space, getting closer to the completeness of happiness.

Phong cách Sparkling mang đến cho đám cưới sự sang trọng và đẳng cấp
The Sparkling style brings sophistication and class to the wedding

2. Minimalism Style – Modern and Refined

For couples who appreciate minimalism, the Minimalism style of decoration should not be overlooked.

Just as the name suggests, this style focuses on simplicity and elegance. Geometric decor details like circles, rectangles, hexagons, combined with minimal color schemes and lightweight fabric materials like silk and sheer fabric, will create a wedding with a modern and streamlined atmosphere.

Phong cách Minimalism - Hiện đại và tinh tế
Minimalism style always focuses on simplicity and sophistication

3. Romantic Style – Bringing Dreams to Reality

A romantic-themed wedding is perhaps the dream of many brides.

With a space filled with fresh pastel-colored flowers, warm golden lights, and sparkling stars, it evokes sweet emotions.

Small and meaningful decorative items placed on the gallery table will be the highlight of this style. A romantic wedding like something out of a fairy tale, writing a beautiful ending for the couple.

Phong cách lãng mạn - Hiện thực hóa ước mơ
Romantic Style helps the couple have a dream wedding day

4. Nature Style – Fresh and Serene

A wedding immersed in fresh greenery and nature’s hues is a blessing for the couple’s peaceful and happy journey ahead.

The aisle, stage, lights, flowers, and trees along with soft background music create harmony, an atmosphere of euphoria, emotions, and love.

Especially, blending the nature and sparkling styles can add sophistication and surprise. When the bride steps into the aisle, she will look like a graceful princess merging with a garden full of flowers and sparkling crystals.

Phong cách thiên nhiên - Tươi mới và Bình Yên
Nature Style “waters up” peace for the big day

And those are the 4 hottest wedding decoration trends of 2023 that Ether Bridal wants to introduce to brides and grooms, helping couples choose and consider for the most important day of their lives.

Moreover, if you are still pondering in the journey of wedding preparation, contact Ether Bridal right away. With a professional design team and attentive consultants who provide A-to-Z advice, Ether Bridal will be your reliable companion on the path to creating your love story.

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