Exploring the World of Designed Wedding Dresses. The Prestigious Collections of 2022 – 2023

Ether Bridal’s wedding attire is renowned as one of the leading wedding dress shops in Da Nang, acclaimed for its “Minimalism” style. Ether has introduced numerous high-class designed wedding dress collections, ranging from materials to silhouettes, featuring elegant and sophisticated designs that are not overly intricate but exude luxury and allure on the significant day. Join Ether in taking a step and exploring the prestigious collections of the year, alongside brides, to create a perfect and unforgettable wedding celebration.

Summer Daisy Collection 2022

The collection unveiled in March 2022 draws inspiration from vibrant summer chrysanthemums, embodying Ether Bridal’s Minimalist style. Crafted from lightweight materials, these dress designs provide comfort for ease of movement during events or posing for photographs. Each wedding dress design is simple yet refined, adorned with delicate chrysanthemum patterns on the gown’s fabric, enhancing an alluring beauty that is simultaneously captivating, sophisticated, and elegantly attractive, capturing everyone’s gaze. Mẫu váy cưới thiết kế trong bộ sưu tập Summer Daisy Collection 2022  

The wedding dress designs within the Summer Daisy Collection 2022

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Freya Collection 2022

The collection draws inspiration from Freya – the goddess embodying love, beauty, and the vibrant growth of all things. Ether has chosen lively color palettes combined with meticulously crafted lines and carefully attached patterns, resulting in uniquely designed wedding dresses that celebrate natural beauty. These dresses provide a sense of strength and confidence for brides when worn. Through this collection, Ether aims to convey a message to brides: “Love yourself, cherish and radiate with the values of beauty and inner strength, just like the goddess Freya.”

Elegance and Sophistication in the Designed Wedding Dress Collection – Freya Collection 2022

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Heaven – The Beauty Of Flowers 2022

Continuing the “Goddess of Love” spirit from the Freya collection, Heaven draws inspiration from the captivating beauty of various flower species. For Ether, each girl possesses a unique personality and charisma, similar to how each flower exhibits its distinct beauty in a vast garden. Therefore, every design within this Ether collection will showcase different types of attraction, ranging from sweetness and charm to personality and allure. Mẫu váy cưới thiết kế trong bộ sưu tập Heaven - The beauty of flowers 2022

Wedding dress designs from the Heaven Collection – The Beauty of Flowers 2022

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Martha Collection 2022 

This collection brings to brides an opulent and contemporary beauty reminiscent of noble heiresses, setting trends for modern brides. In addition to the grandeur of full-skirted wedding dresses adorned with intricate small embellishments, there are also fishtail dresses that complement the figure and A-line dresses with a classic touch. Moreover, the collection includes bustier-style dresses, off-shoulder designs, and corset cinches, all designed to enhance the captivating allure for every woman on her significant day. Vẻ đẹp quyền quý và thời thượng của những quý cô tiểu thư trong bộ sưu tập Martha Collection 2022

The Regal and Contemporary Beauty of Noble Young Ladies in the Martha Collection 2022

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Sofia Collection 2023  

From the sparkling beauty and vastness of the ocean, Ether has nurtured and delivered to brides a collection of wedding dresses that exudes contemporary, gentle, and simple vibes, while still carrying an air of femininity, elegance, and refinement. These dresses transform brides into the most beautiful princesses on their significant day. Vẻ đẹp của đại dương - Váy cưới thiết kế trong bộ sưu tập Sofia collection 2023

The Beauty of the Ocean – Designed Wedding Dresses from the Sofia Collection 2023

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Viva Magenta Collection 2023

Ether has found inspiration from the colors of 2023, Viva Magenta, showcasing a balance between warm and cool tones. This color exudes joy, optimism, and excitement, uplifting spirits and encouraging everyone to look forward to a bright future. In this collection, Ether focuses on creating elegant, sophisticated, and refined wedding dresses. Each dress is meticulously crafted, from selecting premium fabrics to intricate embellishments, all aimed at helping brides find the perfect wedding dress for their significant day.

Elegance and Allure in the Designed Wedding Dress Collection – Viva Magenta Collection 2023

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With Ether Bridal’s prestigious wedding dress collections, we hope that brides will find the perfect wedding dress for their significant day. Please contact Ether so that we can help you choose the wedding dress of your dreams!

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