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It seems that any girl has the dream of once wearing a splendid wedding dress, hand in hand with her other half, entering the church, stepping into a new journey of the word “love.” However, this significant day also brings many worries for her. Especially the concern about the wedding dress, with diverse designs ranging from styles, silhouettes, materials… This makes brides agonize over countless choices. So, let Ether Bridal reveal to you the wedding dress trends that are being chosen in 2023, so brides can easily consider and choose for themselves!

Mermaid-style Wedding Dress

The mermaid-style wedding dress is always the favorite choice of brides who want to showcase a slender figure. The mermaid-style dress constantly updates with the latest design trends, providing brides with a unique elegance and charm that cannot be found in any other design.

The mermaid-style wedding dress features a snug-fitting upper part, hugging the wearer’s body, and a flared skirt at the knee. This dress helps skillfully accentuate the bride’s curves, evoking an irresistible allure yet remaining elegant and graceful.

When wearing this design, brides become beautiful mermaids, walking down the aisle to their own prince charming.

Furthermore, mermaid-style wedding dresses are often made from materials like satin, lace, or premium silk to create a luxurious and sensuous appearance.

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Flowy Wedding Dress

Although they have been around for a long time,  flowy wedding dresses are still the most basic wedding dress style that every girl dreams of wearing on her wedding day.

With a design that flares from the waist down, the dress helps hide flaws in the waist area and creates a gentle, flowing sensation when moving. The highlight of the flowy wedding dress is the long and wide skirt, creating a romantic and alluring beauty.

Flowy wedding dresses can be crafted from various materials such as lace, silk, chiffon, depending on the bride’s preferences and style. For a delicate, light look, silk or chiffon can be chosen. Additionally, for brides desiring an elegant and sophisticated appearance, lace can be the option. To enhance the grandeur of the flowy wedding dress, details like flowers, gemstones, or lace patterns can be added.

When selecting an flowy wedding dress, brides should consider their height to avoid wearing a dress that doesn’t fit properly on the big day. If the bride is too tall or too short compared to the average height, adjustments should be made to the dress’s length to prevent shoe exposure or the dress dragging on the ground.

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A-line Wedding Dress

For brides who appreciate simplicity, ease of wear, yet still want to exude utmost elegance and sophistication, the A-line wedding dress is the most suitable choice. This style of wedding dress features a fitted bodice that complements the bride’s body, and a gently flared skirt that flows from the waist in an elegant and graceful A-line silhouette.

A-line wedding dresses come in a variety of design styles, ranging from classic, modern, long-sleeved modesty, to alluring low-cut necklines, catering to every body type. They help brides conceal wide hips, larger thighs, or a curvier figure…

This design is also crafted from premium materials like flowing chiffon, delicate lace, satin, tulle, which radiate an enchanting, charming beauty that new brides adore.

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Slit Wedding Dress

Do you like a sexy and bold style? Then the slit wedding dress is the perfect choice for you to shine on your own wedding day.

With a slit dress, the wearer will create a sensation of “lengthened” legs that is easily visible. That’s why the slit wedding dress is suitable for brides with shorter legs who still want to increase their allure and sensuality.

Slit wedding dresses can be designed in various styles and shapes, alternating between different dress forms such as mermaid or A-line, giving brides more options to choose the most suitable style for themselves.

Additionally, slit designs make it easy for brides to move around during the party. If a bride wants to wear wedding dresses without excessive fullness, a slit dress would be the perfect choice, allowing her to appear charming while moving freely.

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